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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Don Leady
Dos Rios 
(self / Leray Music)

Tail Gator Don Leady leads two combos through instrumental interpretations of provocative Latin American folk musics. Piquance is announced by accordian, drums, upright bass and bajo sexto

Recommended: "Cumbia De Medianoche 2," "Brinco," "El Rio," "Samba Parade," "Blue Cumbia 2," "Velve Me Amour," "Desvelada," "Columbia Cumbia 1," "Cumbia De Medianoche 1."

Video: "El Rio"

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Rhythm Dragons 
Ring In Ring Out

So disarming are the novel songcraft and pacific tones that you don't so much espy the bold effectiveness as intuit its weight.

Recommended: "New Pair of Blues," "Music of Division," "Dash, Young or Old," "Ring In Ring Out," "Button Von Brown," "Don't Go X 6," "I Should Have Asked."

Video: Live in 2015 (20 min.)



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Hired Gun Trio
Sup Hombre?

Sometimes, uninspired musical confections seem so prevalent (being market-dictated) one speculates future years may completely lack the fire of genuine rock 'n' roll. Then a disc like this jumps up, and trepidation is crushed under foot. 

Recommended: "Bobby Lee," "Please Mama Please," "Honey Don't," "Rumble/Miserlou," "Amor de Apache," "Little Red Riding Hood," "Leave My Kitten Alone," "Boots."

Video: "Bobby Lee"
           "Please Mama Please" (live in studio)
           "Little Red Riding Hood" (live)
           "Leave My Kitten Alone" (live)
           "Boots" (live)


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Porter Wagoner
On the Road 
(RCA / Legacy)

After Sunday morning preaching, family and friends broke bread in celebration. Simple dishes covered the dining table. Laughter bounced off faded clapboard walls.

All later gathered in the living room. Time for The Thin Man From West Plains, Missouri. His sequined Nudie suits, ingratiating grin, and rustic drawl matched his faithful renditions of regular-folks airs, ones to which the hardworking who believed in something better could relate.

His eyes fixed on the flickering screen, a shy kid vowed to buy a guitar. 

Recommended: "Dooley," "One Way Ticket To the Blues," "I Wouldn't Buy a Used Car From Him" (Norma Jean), "Turkey In the Straw" (Mack Magaha and Buck Trent), "Old Camp Meeting Time," "Where the Old Red River Flows" (George McCormick), "Country Music Has Gone To Town," "Camptown Races" (George McCormick), "Don't Ever Take No For An Answer" (Speck Rhodes), "Green, Green Grass of Home," "Katy Hill" (Mack Magah and Buck Trent).

Videos: "Green, Green Grass of Home"
           "Turkey In the Straw"
           "I Wouldn't Buy a Used Car From Him"
           "Don't Ever Take No For An Answer"
           "Old Camp Meeting Time"


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Monday, January 6, 2020

Chris Spedding
face to face

Other than the man's redoubtable adtoitness, worth lies in song selection. Relatively obscure material is favored over more predictable favorites (save for signature "Motorbikin'"). Listening now, one wonders why any enjoyed limited regard.

Recommended: "Wild In the Street," "Counterfeit," "Shakin' All Over," "Gunfight," "She's My Friend," "Rip It Up," "Music Breakout."

Video: "Wild In the Street" (Orig. version)
           "Gunfight" (early live version)
           "Rip It Up" (early live version)
           "Music Breakout" (early live version)

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Go-Go Killers
Hymns and Hearses

Nothing distinctly meritorious in these measured, hacksawed grooves, unless you count furious flames, casual inhumanity, and a generally toxic air that neutralizes whole towns of cretins.

Recommended: "When Destruction Comes To Town," "Death Comes Lookin',""Poisonous," "The Fuck It Song."

Video: "Death Comes Lookin'"

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Reverendo Frankenstein
TIC TAC (self)

Ink-sleeved surf-shtick from the Mad Daddy monster factory.

Video: TIC TAC

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