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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Danny Gatton with
Robert Gordon
Live In NYC

37 tracks (from two radio-broadcast live performances) show why any disc bearing either man's name would be worth investigation. And when both are featured...

Recommended 1981: "Ubangi Stomp," "Love My Baby," "I Love You So," "Lotta Lovin'," "Lover Boy," "Cruisin'," "There Stands the Glass," "Melancholy Serenade."

Recommended: 1982: "Heart Like A Rock," "Someday Someway," "You're Undecided," "Rockabilly Boogie," "Red Cadillac and A Black Mustache," "20 Flight Rock" "Black Slacks," "Red Hot."

Videos: "Ubangi Stomp"
             "Melancholy Serenade"
             "Heart Like A Rock"
             "You're Undecided"
             "Someday Someway"

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Jimmi Accardi
Guitar Slinger (Molehill)
Blues Monster (Molehill)

Erstwhile Laughing Dog Jimmi is reliably solid. For decades, he's produced eminently listenable guitar endeavors of superior class. The catalog stands enhanced.

Recommended Guitar Slinger: "Let It Ride," "Candy Apple," "Incomprehensible Blues," "Midnight In Manhattan," "Little Ricky Goes To Mars," "Four String Swing," "Time To Rock," "Out On the Town."

Recommended: Blues Monster: "I'm a Fool About You Baby,," "I Don't Love You No More," "Dance My Blues Away," "Christina," "Good To Me," "I Can't Get Enough of Your Love," "Suzanne," "One More Try," "Cadillac Coupe De Ville," "Boogie With Me."

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To establish rapport with the Great Beyond, you can buy either a ouija board or this CD. But only the disc erupts.

Recommended: "Creature," "Ghost," "House On Haunted Hill," "Mi Calevera De Amor," "Sacred Heart," "Nightmares," "Dark Side," "Shadow Man," "Scarecrow," "Tomb," "Go Away."

Videos: "Creature" (live)

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Tami Neilson
(Outside Music)

One never tires of slinkily invoked torch songs. Comes, too, the tempest. Exquisite.

Recommended: "Call Your Mama," "Hey Bus Driver," "Ten Tonne Truck," "Queenie Queenie," "You Were Mine," "16 Miles of Chain," "Tell Me That You Love Me," "Any Fool With A Heart," "Sister Mavis," "Sleep."

Videos: "Hey Bus Driver"
             "Ten Tonne Truck"
             "You Were Mine"
             "Queenie Queenie"


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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Guitar Slingers
Playing Favourites

A woketopian might see the cover and bray "cultural appropriation." But a fiendish neighborhood psycho would chuck said imbecile into the wrecking pit maelstrom. With this blasting.

Recommended: "Red Hot Rockin' Blues," . "CC Rider," "Cut Across Shorty," "Mexicali Baby," "Seven Deadly Sins," 
"Bopalena," "Babylon's Burning."

Videos: "Bopalena" (live)
             "CC Rider" (live)

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Doyley and the Rejects
Isolation Boogie
(Diablo Records)

Prolific is the word for psycho virtuoso Doyley; he's also in Guitar Slingers and the Twanglords. The words tilted and fingers afire also apply. Only 50 copies available, plus 2 bonus cuts.

Recommended: "40 Days," "I Got the Isolation Blues," "Plandemic," "Lockdown Boogie."

Video: "40 Days"

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Raygun Cowboys
Tales About Life, The Road,
and Life On the Road
(Diablo / Stomp)

Formidable brass daubs striking hues all across and through what already was, in it's own right, downright sweeping rock'n'roll.

Recommended: "Limbo," "Fast Machine," "Truth," "Yeg," "The Only One," "Live My Life For Rock 'n' Roll."

Videos: "Limbo"
"Fast Machine"


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