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Saturday, June 3, 2023


20 Years Still Stompin'

(Diablo Records)

Not without reason do the Klingonz slouch in psycho's upper tier. Collected here are 19 arguments for such location. And compelling arguments, they are.

Recommended: "Werewolf Boogie," "Crabs," "Delirium Tremens," "Destructobotz," "Jobot," "Out Of Order"

Video: "Werewolf Boogie" (live)

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Jack Rabbit Slim

All the Time single

(Cherry Red Records)

Swaybacked comfort imbues this mid-paced number, allowing musicians to convey a leisurely good-time. This would have been on the broom handle, back in the day. 

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The Raccoons


(Rumble Road Records)

It is with self-assured poise that The Raccoons throw out steadily motivational paeans to the wild life. And they are possessed of the chops to realize their ambition, which benefits us all.

Recommended: "Hot Rod Dawn," "Crazy Days Crazy Nights," "Electro Shock Boogie," "Panic," "Cold Shoulder"

Video: "Crazy Days Crazy Nights"

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Rumble Road Records


Nous Nous OK 5-track


This clean-sounding, spartan neo-rockabilly has a rugged charm all its own. Compelling harmonies jibe with appropriately basal instrumentation to result in crowning effort. Certainly, there's space for this when so much around is thick slabs of distortion.

Recommended: "Real Good Time," "Cynthia," "She's Alright"

Video: "Real Good Time"

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Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Hicks Men

12 Gut Scratchin' Scorchers

(Crazy Times)

Plainly stated, this recording offers realness beyond the grasp of high-tech studio stuntery. The pastoral Hicks Men evoke the unvarnished, home-folks musicalizing of yore. And by that doing, they prove the value of life's simpler pursuits. 

Recommended: "Back Forty," "Skid Row," "Wooper Snooper," "Louisiana Gambler," "The World's Greatest Blackout"

Video: "Nursery Rock" (non-CD)


Crazy Times

Union Avenue

Self-titled 4-track EP


While the international scene has its major names, an army of burgeoning combos fill out festivals and clubs. They are the backbone. Union Avenue is just such a band. They already boast requisite vim and unerring instincts. It's compelling to witness bloom in progress.

Recommended: "Uranium Rock," "Money Honey," "Wild Wild Lover," "Love My Baby""

Video: "Uranium Rock"


Angela Tini
Have You Met Me Yet?
(Rum Bar Records)

A puissant voice deserves equally powerful backing. Angela has wisely surrounded herself with potent players, including Tommy Harkenrider and Carl Sonny Leyland. Her stentorian tones push these classical Rhythm & Blues compositions past rollicking into floor-quaking carbonated bouyancy. 

Recommended: "Have You Met Me Yet?," "200 Pounds Of Fun," "Drop Dead," "Tintarella di Luna," "Red Hot Henrietta Brown," "Come On own," "Fool Me Once"

Video: "Drop Dead" (VLV 26)

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