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Monday, September 26, 2022

 13 Cats

debut reissue


Felicitously aberrant rascal mission, whose storied big beat-ministers hailed from glory-scribed walks the Rockats, Stray Cats, and Polecats, 13 Cats may have been just too cool for this world; their flame burned briefly, but oh, so brightly. 

Danny B. Harvey, Tim Polecat, Smutty Smith, and Slim Jim Phantom crafted stunningly novel admixtures of literate, fantastic, scarlet lyricism and burly roots musics jetted up into tomorrow. They rocked headfirst into a tilted and technicolored taboo delirium dear to maddened cobblestone acolytes. 

And, though they ultimately went different ways, and discovered fresh joys, we have this stormy portrait of the momentary wonder that was.

Available as limited-edition pink vinyl.

Recommended: "13 Cats," "Leather Straight Jacket," "Jungle Man - Robot Girl," "Sex Hex," "Hell Bop," "Snap, Crackle, and Hiss," "Crazy Baby"

Video: "Crazy Baby"

El Oso y sus Sabandijas

Magic Hooker Rush


Swayback, pensive, and energetic - the blues is doubtless among the most viscerally ingratiating sounds hanging around this planet. And when dealt with elan, as is here the happy case, the sound enraptures.

Recommended: "Stay Mad," "Sit Down," "You Know My Love," "Down the Line," "Hide Out"

Video: "Down the Line"


Edi Roque

Here To Stay


Stridency marks Edi's guitar - it can slice through even the most rugged change up. That spells mastery, in the parlance of the back streets. But there's a placidness, too, as evinced by his more quietly accomplished ventures.

Recommended: "Here To Stay," "My Skye," "Bluesman," "Parisienne Walkways," "Cold Flame," "Enough," "Havana Jam"

Video: "Enough" (live)



Ati EDGE and the Shadowbirds

No Sleep Tonight

(Grund Records)

Prevalent in this precinct is the opinion that rockin' suitably effected is without significant opposition. There were obstreperous protests by the unhip, yes, in the genre's halcyon minutes, but not important naysaying. The music reigns victorious. Believers like Ati and cohorts heft high the torch into the future.

Recommended: "The Moon," "Big Black Cadillac," "Burn Out," "By My Side," "Take This Ride," "Old School Rocker," "All Night Long"

Video: "The Moon" / "Flip Flop and Fly"



Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Eddie & the Hot Rods

Guardians of the Legacy

New Frontier



Eddie & the Hot Rods are still in the Spirit of '77, and that's a very good thing. Born from the same incendiary scene/moment that produced the Sex Pistols, Clash, Damned, and Sham 69, they were always more r&b-influenced than safety-pinned peers. Such remains the case. Peculiar to their oeuvre is a capacity for crafting anthemic rousers; that, too, endures from their "Do Anything You Wanna Do" days.

These three singles are set for inclusion on a forthcoming full-length release.


Video: "Guardians of the Legacy"


Marcel Riesco


(Bear Family)

As the 1950s matured, raucous rock'n'roll became creamier and more poppish. Marcel's crooning latest reflects such transmogrification. His way with lush, panoramic arrangements is that of a master at the wheel of the ride. Steel guitar means country spice. 
It's enjoyable to hear someone at the peak of his craft.

Recommended: "Patiently," "Stranded In Dallas," "Honey Kiss," "Sands of Gold," "Broken Hearted," "First Date," "You've Got Everything"

Video: "Patiently"


Bear Family

Lucky Jones

They Call Me Lucky


(Devil's Brew Productions)

Lucky's chosen guitar sound has the same rumble as does B. Setzer's. He employs it and his fleet digits to ripping effect, clearing the surroundings of all but the mighty sound and those who dig it. And that's all of us.

Recommended: "Must Be Love," "They Call Me Lucky," "Let It Roll," "When I'm With You," "Where It's At," "So It Goes"



Devil's Brew Bandcamp


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