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Monday, October 11, 2021

 The Professionals

Snafu (JTP)

At turns, hard-lashed and enchantingly tuneful. Sing along with the gathered storm.

Recommended: "Easily Lead," "Gold And Truthful," "Spike Me Baby," "Punk Rock And a Hard Place," "Heartburn," "Only Human."

Video: "Spike Me Baby"



Saturday, October 2, 2021

A few questions for Rockat Barry Ryan...

Is it tue that there's a new Rockats CD coming out?

"Yes! The lineup is basically the Make That Move lineup with guest drummers on certain tracks."

(That would be Barry, singer Dibbs Preston, bassist Smutty Smith, and Danny B. Harvey. Word is, Blondie's Clem Burke is among the guest drummers.)

Please tell us about the record.

"The album was recorded remotely with Danny B Harvey laying down basics at his studio in Austin and sending them to everyone for us to put our parts on."

Tracks planned?

"We have four new Rockats songs, four covers, two updated songs from Live At The Ritz, and the Rockabilly Doll/Tanya Jean single on there, too."

What label is issuing this, and when will it be in shops?
"It will be on Cleopatra Records and we're looking at a late Winter early Spring release. And it will be on vinyl."

Thanks, Barry!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Live At the Wiltern

Blu-ray and DVD


68 minutes of technicolor spectacle. Sprawling onstage extravaganza in which multi-textured psycho is but one factor, albeit a head-bangingly stimulative one.

Recommended: "Julia," "Thelma and Louise," "Kool Flattop," "Freaks In Uniforms," "Undefeated," "Missfit," "Psychobitches Outta Hell," "Ghouls," "Miss Take," "Where They Wander."



Monday, September 13, 2021

 Dave Phillips and the Hot Rod Gang

I Lost My Beer / I'm Gonna Toss My Cookies

(KEiL Records)

First-chair rockabilly of the sterling countenance one would expect from Master Phillips. Swaggering jocularity, in mid-imbibing and rueful morning-after accounts.


Keil Records

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

 The Meteors

The Curse Of Blood and Bones


P. Paul down to his iniquitous tricks again, as only he is darkly suited. Limited edition red vinyl.

Recommended: "All I Do," "The Queen Of Zorch," "All I Can Do Is Cry," "Creature," "Haunted," "She's My Witch," "Daughter Of the Deep," "Alligator Man 2020," "Guilty As Charged," "You Used To Be (The Usual Suspects)," "Little Hellcat," "(Ghost) Riders In the Sky"

"Daughters Of the Deep"

Mutant Rock Records



 Johnny Jetson

Lick It and Split

Mp3 (self)

Johnny is Rock 'N' Roll personified. And he's got the chops to validate the claim made by dashing '70s elan. Vocals recall Bolan.

Recommended: "American Knight," "I Gotta Get Through," "Light 'em Up," "Overheated," "Rock 'N' Roll Girl," "Shadows On The Moon," "Shine You Up," "Sunday After Church," "Turn It Out"

"American Knight"


 Arthur Brown

Fire b/w

Zombie Yelp


The infamous 1960s God Of Hellfire reinvents his hit, a sinister turn in the flower power decade. The flip's histrionics parallel that unnerving precedent.



Video: "Fire"

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