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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Western Swing Project

Stampede City Swing


The elegance of polished tones and genteel expression are best suited to pleasant moments. This is just such music, a jovial effort that gladdens the heart and adds a lilt to the constitution. This is playing that will cure whatever ails you; it's beyond possibility to remain glum when airs so lissome waft past.

Recommended: "Old Alberta Moon," "Let's Go Sparkin'," "Sioux City Sue," "South," "The Western Medley," "


Psycho Bats

Demented Tale


Everything about this project reeks of sinisterness, from the ghastly material to its raucous conveying to the screamed vocals. Even the packaging signals dire consequences shall befall those who crack it open. And that's perversely spectacular.

Recommended: "Old Times," "Conquistador," "Bats and Roll," "Hot Rod Bats," "Make Psychobilly Great Again"

Video: "Make Psychobilly Great Again"


The Surfin' Wombatz

Night Bus To Skaro

(Western Star)

They recall David Edward Sutch, both sterling inspiration and indicator of disposition. A similar risability runs throughout, as they broach oddball sordid topics. But that they also offer economical and breezy rock'n'roll must be observed. Well-carpentered package.

Reommended: "Nobody Wants To Wreck With Ray," "Hey Poe Diddly," "Bank Holiday Punch Up On the Planet Of the Apes," "Monster Raving Loony," "Tattooed Trash," "Spicy Brains," "Undead Doll," "Pickman's Pin-Up Model"

Video: "Monster Raving Loony"


Western Star

The Incredible Staggers

Zombies Of Love

(Nette Alte Dame)

Had this combo been extant in the 1960s they so revere, you can bet they'd be included in Greg Shaw's Pebbles LP series. The Farfisa organ, fuzz guitar, and strangled vocals of quintessential garage punk are all present; all that's missing are the multi-hued discothèque strobes.

Recommended: "That's the Beat," "Zombies Of Love," "Trip With Me," "Peg-Legged Pirate Twitch," "Wooly Mammoth," "Just Listen and See," "Little Latin Lupee Loo"

Video: "That's the Beat"



Sunday, January 22, 2023

Graveyard Bashers

Wreck 'em Dead

(Lycans Den Records)

Three diabolical Finns stitched feverishly lashed delirium and the vilest narratives locatable above ground. Spin in darkness.

Recommended: "Graveyard Brothel," "66 Cuts," "Psychobilly Sleazebags," "Straitjacket," "Set You On Fire," "Twisted Nightmares," "Fun & Games"

Video: "Psychobilly Sleazebags"


Lycans Den Records


With no pretensions at profundity to hinder their momentum, Gasoline members speed nimbly through a carbonated set in which fun is the sole ambition. Toward that end, communicable rhythms drill prominently. Mission accomplished.

Recommended: "Be Mine," "Burnin' Rubber," "She's Not Stupid," "Dead By Now," "My Baby," "Be Your Girl"

Evil Daltons

Psycho Dad


When trapped with a helter skelter chauffeur, all one can do is brace against the inevitable smash-up and thrill to the spree. For some, bedlam is titillating.

Recommended: "Psycho Dad," "Demon Breed," "Shark Lady," "This Way," "Highnoon," "Desert Trail," "Girls," "Surfin' Witch," "Coffin Surfer"

Video: "Psycho Dad" (live)


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